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Fintuned is a combination of two words i.e Finance and Tuned (Well, you can call it a portmanteau!) and stands essentially for its purpose of being tuned into the realm of finance. The growth of social media has promoted communication at unimaginable levels and one of the components of this unimaginable levels is the comfort people have achieved while sharing their financial stories.

Money has traditionally been a sensitive topic of discussion, but the recent surge in information sharing has brought out stories of people related to money crises, planning etc. and most of the accounts involve planning for finance, recovering from a financial down or simply, building wealth.

Sensing the need of people to know more about money management, we came across the idea of Fintuned as an attempt to build a learning and doing portal for picking up and sharing money-related knowledge. Well, all

Fintuned’s vision is to become India’s largest crowdsourced content platform for financial content, which is quirky and fun to read. We believe that best work comes out of collaboration and that’s why we are here to join hands



Our Team


Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people – Steve Jobs

While this phrase by Steve Jobs might be more appropriate from a team-building perspective but well, who says that your business affiliates are not your team. And because we believe so, Fintuned has endeavored to forge absolutely interesting business relationships with companies/entities that are specialists in what they do. So, here we list our partners who you can reach out to for any domain-specific requirement:



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