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Drum Roll! Welcoming the Newest Members to the Team! Author: Fintuned | Date: December 12, 2020

At Fintuned, we have always strived to create content that is interesting, enriching & witty! The whole objective behind running this platform has been to invite budding, aspirational & talented contributors to contribute content that evokes learning with fun and demystifies the perceived complex world of finance!

We are extremely glad to announce that we have expanded our team and are now more motivated than ever to stay true to our objective! 

We are thrilled, honored & absolutely certain that Fintuned will soar to new heights with this amazing team members

Vikas Agarwala, Founder, Jaagrav 

Consulting Editor at Fintuned

Vikas is a finance professional with 15+ years of experience across Equities and Insurance. He has worked with firms like Morgan Stanley, HDFC Bank, Deutsche Bank, Marsh and JLT in the past.

Given his passion towards teaching, he has conducted Investing workshops at IIT Mumbai and IBS.

He pens down his personal thoughts about Risk, Investing and Human Behaviour at













Lakshya Agarwal, EIS Global Pvt Ltd

Associate Editor at Fintuned

A voracious reader, ardent learner, cautious investor & cheerful demeanor. Well, this is the best we could do (to rhyme the adjectives) to introduce our super-star in the editorial team.

After studying accounting and finance for a considerable amount of time has managed to hone his knowledge into learning the ins and outs of this world with the help of his experiences.

Lakshya is also a Master’s in Wealth Management that has made him a self-certified “one-stop shop” for anything related to finance.


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