Vidyalankar Institute of Technology 19-10-2018

Financial Literacy masterclass with Mihir Mehta at the Vidyalankar Institute of Technology

Back to college with “Lose Un-aware, Get Fin-aware” 23-02-2018

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Back to college with "Lose Un-aware, Get Fin-aware" two day masterclass in collaboration with Young Indians (CII) at KJ Somaiya (SIMSR). Good fun and a great experience :) The brownie point on top of everything is to get a call from the college to learn that they simply loved it! Thanks to my super stars Rahul, Vidit, Riddhi, Rohit, Vivek, Akanksha and Tanishka!

‪Vidyalankar Institute Of Technology 23-02-2018

Mumbai, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400037, India

3/5: Had to lose the blazer this time around or else it gets "too serious" and I don't think students like that! Thank you Vidyalankar Institute Of Technology (School of Business) Young Indians & Toshita Dharmadhikari for this!




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