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Gone for Long! Here’s why. Author: Fintuned | Date: November 20, 2014

Hi Folks,

I know it has been a while since I published my last post. Well, at first, I owe my apologies for being absent for a tad bit longer than my original plan. Second, let me be honest and say that I have missed blogging about something that I like and am eager about. Now, let me briefly tell you about what I had been upto in the last few months and how are things going to shape up in future.

A couple of months back, I dissolved my Facebook page by the same name and re-branded it to MoneySutra in order to reflect a bigger and better team that shared similar fiery passion for personal finance and had gotten together to create something valuable. This team consisted of qualified and experienced personalities from the world of finance complemented by dedicated support from certified financial planners in the Mumbai region. Ready with a team and an optimally-designed blog, we set out with a few ideas in the field of money management with the intent to boot a full-fledged start-up out of one of them.

For more than two months, we worked on these ideas but truth be told, our efforts were less than a tenth of the ideal efforts. Owing to different engagements, most of the team members were unable to complete tasks on time and that led to stagnancy and frustration within the team. Naturally, we never intended to let it go this way but certain circumstances made it practically impossible to implement the idea and turn it into a viable business.

Therefore, a few days back, I decided to quit the team in order to take a pause and give a serious thought to our team efforts. The pause is now over and coming out of it, I have decided to run this blog with renewed enthusiasm and steadfast research. While I am not sure whether there will be a feasible business coming out of this sooner or later, my efforts for now will be dedicated to pursue this blog.

On that note, let me go ahead and assure you of high-quality and well-researched posts from the world of money, which are easy to understand and implement. Godspeed.

Happy reading and cheers!

Mihir Mehta


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