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Lose Un-aware, Get Fin-aware Author: Fintuned | Date: October 28, 2017

At Fintuned, we have always believed that actions speak louder than words. Quite recently, we were given the opportunity to take our learning in the world of money management directly to the students and we pounced upon it.

In association with Confederation of Indian Industries’ youth wing Young Indians, Fintuned conducted ‘Lose Un-aware, Get Fin-aware’ a 10 hour financial literacy masterclass, delivered in our trademark quirky way.

Setting the context: It may come as a surprise to you (Surely came as one to us) to know that on an average Indian family talks about money matters to its kids, only 10 days in a year. Well, that’s about 2.5% of the year!

It is interesting to observe that one of the most crucial skills required to have a good balanced life, is not taught to adolescents either at school or at home! So, we thought of a solution that would prep these students with basic hacks and understanding of money management using adept MONEY SENSE.

Enter Fintuned:  Well we had a real challenge at hand! Since everyone has been a student some point in time, you know it is easy to fake interest. We obviously didn’t want that and therefore, this is what we followed

Make it witty, they will take it; Make it shitty, they will fake it!

Following this simple principle, we designed the entire masterclass in the Fintuned way and took it up. The first masterclass was conducted at KJ Somaiya institute of Management and Research, followed by IES Management College & Research Center.

We are glad to report that the students found the class interesting and effective and made it an amazing success with their enthusiastic participation.

Here is some feedback we received:

“The salary part was an eye opener for me and it has completely changed the way I looked at my paycheck”

“I was initially intimidated with the course outline as I come from a non-finance background, but the delivery by Mihir was amazing and I didn’t feel out of place even once throughout the course. I genuinely feel I am financially literate now. Thanks Fintuned!”

Thanks Mihir, the college called me up and they simply loved it. They were amused by the knowledge you possess about everything they asked – Toshita, Co-chair, Yuva Initiative, Young Indians Mumbai

Here are some amazing pictures from these masterclasses:


Stay tuned for more!



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