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Two commercials to help you manage money well! Author: Fintuned | Date: June 15, 2014

Today, I saw a couple of advertisements in succession and come to think of it, both these ads have a profound impact on our financial life. The first ad was from a colossal retailer called “Home Shop 18” and while, I believe most of you would have watched it, I would still like to refresh it for you.

So, it shows two cats Billy and Sunny( Cute ad, isn’t it?) who are traditional business owners and throughout the advertisement focus on this one simple and known message:

“Shopping makes a person happy”

Well, the statement is definitely true and does not need any extensive description as most of us would have indulged in “retail therapy” umpteen number of times.

The second one.

Coincidentally, the story completely turned around and I was surprised to see the ad that appeared after the first one. It was from the stable of one of the biggest online marketplaces in India i.e “OLX”. The point that they tried to hammer into my head was completely opposite to the first one as for them:

“Selling makes us money and hence, selling makes us happy”.

In fact their ad message says “Turn your cell phone into a sell phone” (Quite witty, ain’t it. You decide)

Before I proceed, I just want you to close your eyes and play these ads one after the other and in case you haven’t watched any of these ads the please open your eyes and click on the links embedded in this post. [For your eyes only :P]

So, which money personality should you adopt?

Buy/Sell, do what makes you happy

To be honest, there is no perfect answer to that.

One of the basic thoughts expressed by most of personal finance advisers is : Sell items that you don’t need and get some value out of such unused assets. In fact, this point is given such thrust that eBay could easily hire all money matters advisers (including myself) to market the concept of eBay.

No, I am not criticizing this thought because it does form the basis for a very important concept in personal finance called “Passive income channels”. However, it would not be viable to include the funda of passive income in this post because I don’t want you to feel sleepy by reading brutally long posts.

Do not just be the OLX type.

It is definitely worthwhile to be of the OLX personality type i.e a person who believes in selling off things/items that might be of negligible use. But, is it just sufficient to have the OLX personality to be great at managing money.

The answer is in the negative for the sole reason that you cannot be a great money manager without having an element of the “Home Shop 18” personality. Now, I say this not because I am insane but because real money management does not only deal with saving money. In fact, a major portion of personal finance exercise involves calculated spending that ensures a qualitative life. Remember, money is just another resource and like every resource, management of money means utilization of same in the best possible way.

No confusion, great combination!!

I guess you might be quite perplexed on deciding the ideal money personality that could help you manage money better. Well, the answer to that is a proper balance of both the personality traits. Generally, it is seen that people are skewed towards either the “Home Shop 18″ or the “OLX” style of living and in order to avoid such a situation it is necessary to do a course correction every single time one feels that he/she is over indulging in retail therapy or hoarding excessive money in their wallets.

Therefore, to be good at personal finance, the essential requirement is to use money to help you lead a quality life for the entire lifetime. As such, there is no rigid rule with respect to the money personality that you should adopt. On the contrary, it is a sustained balance that comforts you and makes you happy.

Hope you had a fun time reading the post and in case you have any queries/suggestions, please use the comments section or mail us at 🙂


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