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We Are Changing Author: Fintuned | Date: September 4, 2016

No, this post is not about finance. Yes, this post is about something very special. Despite trying our best, we cannot resist the temptation to quote a sentence that is ridiculously cliche.

“The only thing constant in life is change”

So, what are we changing?

We are changing the way we look. Over the past few months, Fintuned has grown at a steady pace on the back of the immense support received from its patrons. Considering that this pet project has now become something wonderful to our patrons, we ought to do something that represents us better. And what better way than to change the way you look, right?

So, here is presenting Fintuned’s new look and a brief essential note that explains why we look the way we look. We sincerely hope you like it the way we do!!

Logo Unveil

Tune in to develop your money sense.


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